About Goalballshop

Accessible ports is important for everyone especially for persons with a disability. Goalball is an accessible sport specially for persons with a visual impairment. The game uses equipment which doesn’t get used in any other sport. Obtaining the right equipment may sometimes be hard. Goalballshop believes that a fun and competitive game needs that equipment. Therefore it’s goal is to bundle all the available materials in it’s webshop and make them available for all goalball players for a fair price.

Michiel van den Berg, eigenaar Breadcrumb en Goalballshop.comGoalballshop is part of Breadcrumb a company of Michiel van den Berg a Dutch goalball player

“I’ve been playing goalball since 2011. The first ball I threw was a blast, the first I blocked was a shock and needed some practise. Since then I’ve enjoyed the game and tried to train once a week. Now I would love to do something for the sport in return for the great years I’ve played it. That’s why I founded Goalballshop. My goal is to make the game more accessible by being a trusted partner whom knows the game and isĀ involved with it.”