Terms and Conditions

Well-drafted terms and conditions are an important part of the transaction between online retailers and their customers. This document details our webshop’s general terms and conditions. Not only does the government set rules and regulations in place to ensure the security of your purchase, we, as online retailers, are also happy to provide you with our general terms and conditions to ensure the quality of our service. By agreeing to these general terms and conditions, a contract is automatically signed between you, the customer, and us, the online retailer. Before you agree to the terms and conditions listed below and purchase from our webshop, we urge you to read them carefully. Doing so can prevent unfortunate circumstances. If you have questions about our general terms and conditions, you can contact us using the contact details listed on our website.

Article 1 – Webshop


This webshop is registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (abbreviated as CC or KvK) and transfers its statutory contributions to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. You can find our CC registration number and VAT ID number on our website. You can also find our contact details there.



We continually strive to keep your information secure. In case of misconduct by hackers, we will report the activity to local authorities.



We do not provide your information to third parties. In case we have to provide your information to third parties, we will always ask for your permission beforehand.



Since the 5th of June 2012, our webshop is obligated to ask for your permission in regards to cookies upon visit. You can find more information about this in our seperate Cookie Policy.



Upon suspicion of misconduct or fraud, we are obligated to report the activities to the relevant authorities.



We strive to deliver you excellent service at all times. If you have doubts about purchasing any of our products, our customer service would be glad to assist.

Article 2 – Withdrawal Period


After purchasing any of our products, you will enter a Withdrawal Period of 14 days. In case you are not satisfied with the purchase within the earlier mentioned Withdrawal Period, you can return the product to us without having to pay for it. You will only have to pay the shipping costs for the product you’re returning. In case a payment has already been made, you will receive a credit invoice from us and the payment will be refunded to your account.



Products that are returned to us, must be returned in their original packaging.

Article 3 – The Agreement


The agreement between the webshop and customer is final when the customer has agreed to the general terms and conditions and has authorised the webshop to withdraw funds from their account. This applies when a customer has made a payment using either iDeal or Paypal, or when an invoice has been sent to the customer. After the earlier mentioned Withdrawal Period (see article 2) has expired, and the webshop has received payment, the customer is considered to be the owner of the purchased product.



The agreement is made electronically, by way of filling in all required fields and agreeing to the general terms and conditions.



As a customer, you are obligated to make payment to the webshop upon purchasing a product. Upon failure to pay within a set amount of time, you will receive a reminder. In case the webshop has not received payment from you within 14 days, additional costs will be charged. If the payment has not been made after several reminders, your case is handed to a collection agency.



Upon purchasing a product, you will receive a digital receipt through e-mail. The receipt details the product you have bought, its price, and where you can go in case of a complaint or comment.



We are obligated to deliver the purchased product to you within 30 days. In the unforeseen event that it is not possible for us to deliver the product within that time period, we will notify you in writing. Upon expiration of the 30 day time period, we will refund any already made payments. However, this can never be more than 50% of the total price upon purchase. If you have indicated beforehand that a replacement product be sent to you instead, we will try our best to provide you with a product that is in accordance to your wishes. Of course, you can indicate beforehand if you do not want a replacement product.



Delivery of products to an address outside of the Netherlands will naturally take longer than delivery within the Netherlands. The additional costs of shipping a product to an address outside of the Netherlands will be shown to you while purchasing the product.

Article 4 – Pricing


Prices on our webshop always include VAT. Shipping costs are visible after adding the product to your cart.



When you authorise us to automatically withdraw the payment from your account, you are obligated to provide us with the correct account details. Misuse or fraud is a punishable offense and, upon suspicion, we will report the activities to the relevant authorities.



The price mentioned in reference to the product on our website cannot be altered while purchasing said product. You pay the price that is visible and confirmed to you, upon agreeing to the purchase digitally. The confirmed price will be shown on the digital receipt (see article 3.4).



When you purchase a product during a period in which it’s not on sale, you will not be eligible for a discount afterwards.

Article 5 – Complaints and Warranty


Complaints about the delivery of one of our products are initially meant to be brought to our attention by phone. Our customer service will be more than happy to answer. Afterwards we will contact the courier who handled the delivery of your product. Naturally, all of our couriers are doing their very best to ensure that your product is delivered to you unscathed.



Complaints about the product itself are meant to be brought to our attention in writing. We cannot answer such complaints personally. Please describe your complaint in as much detail as possible. We will contact the manufacturer or wholesaler for you and act as an intermediary. If it is within our power to do so, we will try to fix the problem for you ourselves.



Complaints are usually handled by us within 14 days.



Every product that we deliver comes with a warranty. The duration of the warranty is dependant on the product, and can thus vary per product. Most products have a warranty period of 1 year. In case of deviation from the earlier mentioned warranty period, the applicable warranty period will be listed in the digital receipt or invoice you receive from us. We can only offered limited warrenty on consumable or utility products. In case of discovering a fault or defect, please bring this to our attention within 48 hours of receiving the product.



In the event that the product breaks or becomes unusable within the Warranty Period, we will refund the price upon purchase to you. This does not apple in case of deliberate or conscious destruction of the product. Please contact your insurance company in case the product breaks after the Warranty Period has expired. It might be possible to claim the damages through contents insurance. A refund cannot be made without evidence of the receipt. After expiration of the Warranty Period, the price upon purchase is not applicable to be refunded. You will then be refunded based on the current value of the product.

In case you agree to these terms and conditions, please check the box stating so upon purchasing a product. An agreement cannot be made without checking the box. Naturally, we hope that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details listed on our website.